Payogel Gum Paste

Payogel Gum Paste by Dr Jaikaranat

Payogel Gum Paste is a toothpaste for sensitive gums that is made up of several herbal ingredients. Among the herbs included in Payogel is Lavang and Bakul, both of which are effective against gum diseases. They also contain a unique herbal constitution that has been proven to provide relief from pain and Pyorrhoea, a disease related to bleeding gums.

Payogel gum paste is made up of natural ingredients

Payogel gum paste is a natural herbal remedy for bleeding gums, loose teeth, pyorrhoea, and tooth sensitivity. Its triple action formula includes herbal extracts of the finest quality. It is effective and can be used as often as two to four times a day.

Payogel gum paste is made from all-natural ingredients and has a long shelf life when stored properly. You can store it at room temperature for up to one month, in the refrigerator for up to three months, and in the freezer for longer. Store it tightly wrapped until you need it.

Payogel is a toothpaste that fixes bleeding gums

Payogel is a paste for bleeding gums and sensitive teeth that contains all-natural ingredients. Its non-abrasive formula creates a protective layer over the teeth while removing plaque bacteria that cause gingivitis. It is easy to apply and is inexpensive. The gel comes in different shapes and sizes, and it can even be used for modeling, flowers, or decorations.

Payogel contains extracts of several essential herbs, including Neem and Majuphal. It works to massage the gums and provide relief within seconds. The herbal formula also helps to fight inflammation and pyorrhea. This treatment is effective for preventing gum problems and restoring gums to their original shape.

Payogel contains 21 herbs

Payogel is a herbal gum paste that is rubbed on the gums for instant relief and cure of Pyorrhoea (bleeding gums). It is specially formulated with a triple action formula that is comprised of herbal extracts of the highest quality. It can be applied two to four times a day.

They contains 21 herbal ingredients that can effectively treat cavities and strengthen gum tissues. Its unique composition contains Majuphal, an ayurvedic ingredient that contains tannic acid, and Bakul, an ayurvedic ingredient known for helping to squeeze gums into their natural shape. The herbs in this paste are gentle enough to be applied on the gums without causing gum sensitivity or pain.

Payogel contains tannic acid

Payogel contains tanninic acid, a natural substance that acts as a powerful antimicrobial. This compound is derived from Statice Limonium, a plant found in California. Tannic acid is useful in treating many types of ailments, including sore throats, tonsils, and mucous membrane disorders.

Tannic acid is a hydrolyzable tannin that releases gallic acid on decomposition. It is important to discuss this potential interaction with your healthcare provider. However, even if no interactions are suspected, you should still make sure you’re using products safe for you and your family.

Payogel is also a good choice for treating toothaches. It contains all-natural ingredients and is easy to apply. It can be used to massage the gums and offer relief in seconds. This can also help to reduce the risk of gum disease. It is important to note that you should only use Payogel when your doctor has approved it. Because of its powerful ingredients, Payogel can cause harm if you use more than recommended.

Payogel contains Bakul

Payogel contains Majuphal, a natural source of tannic acid. It is used as a first choice in modern dentistry. It also contains Bakul, an ayurvedic ingredient which helps to reshape the gums and restore their original form. This dental gel has a unique herbal constitution that is great for both prevention and treatment of oral conditions.

This herbal gum paste is made up of natural herbs and can be used as per a doctor’s prescription. Its unique composition of natural herbs helps to heal gum problems and provides instant relief. It also kills germs and supports the natural elements of the gums. It is a great treatment for pyorrhea.

Payogel contains Lavang

Payogel is a gel which provides relief and cure in a single application. The triple action formula of this medicine contains Lavang, Ashok, Jyotismati, Tejowati, and Vaivdang, and it works instantly to eliminate pain and discomfort. Its composition is unique in the form of a natural herbal constitution.

The paste is massaged onto the gums and gives relief from Pyorrhoea, or bleeding gums. It contains special herbal constituents like Lavang and Satpodina, which aid in pain relief, and Majuphal and Bakul, which strengthen gums. They also helps in curing toothache.

It contains Majuphal

Payogel is a topical gel containing Majuphal, a plant extract found in pomegranate leaves. This plant can be used to treat a variety of conditions, from wounds to amoebiasis. The plant is also used to treat skin conditions, such as acne. The extract of Majuphal is believed to have potent antioxidant properties and can alleviate many ailments.

The plant extract of Majuphal contains alkaloids, glycosides, sterols, and phenolic compounds, including flavonoids, phloroglucinol, and glycerine. It is also said to fight inflammation. Majuphal is commonly used for astringents, and the extract can help prevent or reduce gingivitis and toothaches.

It contains Jyotishmati

Ayurvedic medicine has long praised the benefits of the herb Jyotishmati, or crow’s egg. It is a plant that grows at high elevations in India. The leaves and fruit are shaped like a pigeon’s foot, and the plant’s oil is widely used for medicinal purposes.

It contains Ashok

Ashok is a powerful antimicrobial, and Payogel contains Ashok to treat a wide variety of ailments. This gel is suitable for oral application and is a great way to prevent cavities and other oral health issues. It can be applied to the mouth two to four times daily. It can also treat various respiratory conditions, such as dysentery and mucous membrane disorders.

Payogel contains extracts of many natural herbs. It is massaged onto the gums and offers relief in seconds. It is also effective in preventing and curing pyorrhoea, a condition characterized by painful and swollen gums. The paste contains Ashok and Majuphal, which help soothe the gums and restore them to their normal shape.

Benefits of payogel gum paste

Payogel is a toothpaste for sensitive teeth and gums that is non-abrasive and helps protect gums by removing plaque bacteria. The toothpaste can help control gum sensitivity and is best used under the guidance of a dentist. They can prescribe the right dosage and start and stop dates for the toothpaste.

It cures pyorrhea

Payogel gum paste is an herbal paste that is used for mouth ulcers, bleeding gums and gum sensitivity. It is made from natural herbs and is mostly applied to the gums using the finger tips. Payogel gum paste cures pyorrhea by relieving the pain and inflammation.

Pyorrhea can be caused by bacteria living on the teeth. These bacteria convert food particles into acids, causing inflammation and bleeding of the gums. This can lead to the loss of the teeth. The infection may also lead to other health problems, including sepsis and loosened tooth roots.

Early stages of pyorrhea do not show any symptoms. However, the condition can progress to gingivitis. If left untreated, pyorrhea can cause tooth loss. The best way to treat pyorrhea is to practice good oral hygiene. Guava leaves are rich in vitamin C, and chewing guava leaves may help cure the infection.

It causes toothache

Payogel is an herbal tooth paste that is a good choice when you are experiencing a toothache. Its patented formula contains three types of herbal extracts and is recommended for use between two and four times a day. Using this paste can relieve the pain and quickly cure the problem.

The ingredients of Payogel gum paste are natural and derived from the herbs that are traditionally used to cure gum problems. They are applied to the gums and are supposed to relieve pain and stop bleeding. They also kill germs and support the natural elements of the gums. Payogel gum paste is a natural remedy for toothache and pyorrhea.

It kills germs

Payogel is a gum paste that contains a triple-action formula. The natural herbs in the formula make it an effective cure for cavities, tooth decay, and bad breath. It can be used two to four times daily to combat these problems. It also reduces oral bacteria. Here’s how it works: Xylitol fills a slot in bacteria’s cell walls. This stops the bacteria from living by preventing its metabolism. It also alters pH levels, meaning that acidophilic bacteria die, leaving space for basophilic bacteria.

Payogel gum paste contains Majuphal, a natural source of tannic acid, and Bakul, which helps in squeezing the gums back into their natural shape. It also contains a unique herbal composition, including Lavang, Vividing, Ashok, and Tejowati. These ingredients can help kill harmful germs and relieve pain, and can also help strengthen gum tissue.

Value for money

The Payogel toothpaste is an all-natural herbal formula that is specially designed for sensitive gums and teeth. Its non-abrasive formula effectively eliminates the bacteria that cause gingivitis and plaque. Its non-fluoride formula prevents gum sensitivity and is available in a 60-gram tube or a three-pack.

It is easy to use and produces consistent results. Its herbal constitution and natural composition make it safe for the whole family. It is especially suitable for young children and is a good value for money. The toothpaste is also available at a very reasonable price. It is a value for money product for those who are on a tight budget.

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