Do These 8 Things to Increase Your iPhone's Speed

Do These 8 Things to Increase Your iPhone’s Speed

Dealing with a slow, sluggish iPhone’s can get under your skin. It can be depressing and frustrating. The reasons behind a slow iPhone can vary from too many background processes running in the background to insufficient memory and more. So, let’s take you through the process of troubleshooting this problem so you can get back on track.

Reboot Your Phone

Restart your phone to speed it up. This will give your iPhone a fresh start. If you are using an iPhone X or later, hold the Side button with either of the volume buttons. If your phone has a Home button, hold the Side button until the power off slider appears. Release the button when the slider appears, and then drag the slider from left to right to switch off your phone.
Turn on your phone after waiting for thirty seconds. The phone will be refreshed, and the minor glitches will be fixed. It would be best if you experienced a slight improvement in your phone’s performance.

Free up Other Storage

If there’s no free space, your phone will run slower than normal. The newer models come with a much larger storage space, and hence, you may not face the system running low on storage problems frequently. However, there’s a specific part of your phone that may take over the available free space, and this is the iPhone Other and System Data storage category.
Unlike Photos and Apps, there’s no way to delete this storage category completely. In this category, different kinds of data are stored. For instance, temporary files, system files, logs and website caches, caches of streaming media, etc. You can go to the Settings app to deal with this storage category. Also, you can get rid of the Other Storage by updating iOS.

Close Redundant Applications

iPhones are great at handling multitasking, but if you are simultaneously running resource-intensive applications, it may cause your phone to slow down or lag.
If this is the case, you must close the resource-intensive applications and restart your phone to help speed things up.

Update iOS

Several issues are instantly solved by updating to the latest iOS version. Go to the Settings app > General > Software Update to upgrade your phone.

Reduce Motion on Your Phone

Do you love the animated visual effects on your iPhone? They do appear super cool, but they also consume precious resources. If your phone is lagging, turn off these effects.
Head to the Settings app > Accessibility > Motion > toggle on Reduce Motion.

Clear the RAM

On your iPhone or any phone, RAM is the most necessary hardware. This ensures the smooth running of your phone. So if your iPhone’s performance has taken a hit, clear RAM or memory to speed things up.
On newer models with FaceID, RAM can be reset with AssistiveTouch. Go to the Settings app > tap Accessibility > Touch > AssistiveTouch > turn on the button next to this option > go back to Settings > General > tap Shut Down.
If your iPhone model is older, clear RAM by holding the Power button and release the button when you see the slide to power off option. When your phone restarts, RAM will have been cleared.

Disable Location Services and Background App Refresh

Location Services and Background App Refresh are excellent features, ensuring your phone always performs at its best. These features also ensure your phone’s apps are always up-to-date, and you can quickly share your location with your loved ones. But there’s a catch. These features consume a lot of power and resources. Hence, your phone might be running slowly. It is recommended to disable these to help your phone perform faster.
Navigate to the Settings app > tap General to disable these features. Tap on the Background App Refresh option and toggle it off. Then, go to the Settings app again and tap Privacy > select Location Services > disable Location Services.

Reset Your iPhone to Factory Settings

Have you tried all the methods mentioned above but to no avail? Resetting to factory default is one more ace up your sleeve. However, do not use this method lightly. Since this will delete all your data and set your phone as new, you must back up your phone.
To do this, head to the Settings app > General > tap Reset > Erase All Content and Settings. Then, enter your Apple ID and password to start the process. Your entire phone will be erased, and everything will return to the setup screen you saw when you first used the device. Finally, you can restore your phone from a backup.


iPhones slow down for several reasons, but you can speed it up by using the tips mentioned above. However, on the off chance that these don’t work in your favor, contact Apple support. The technicians will be capable of providing you with the required assistance.

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